When You Have A Plan VS. What Actually Happens [Reality Dog Training: George the Pit Bull Ep. 5]

Pet Therapy Dogs 101 – Becoming a Therapy Dog Team

Pet therapy dogs are extremely useful in the world, especially for people with disabilities and other health problems. There is a common misconception that therapy dogs need to be a certain breed, or raised to be pet therapy dogs from a very young age. However, therapy dogs can come in all breeds and sizes!

Dog Socialization Tips

Dog socialization is an important aspect of being a pet owner; socialization will help to make everyday situations safe and enjoyable. You don’t want your dog to live his life in fear.. or make other dogs afraid of him.

How to Choose A Veterinary Clinic

When choosing a veterinary clinic you must follow these seven key steps in order to ensure your pet and you are completely satisfied with your choice. Choosing the right veterinarian and an associated clinic could be a life or death decision for your pet.

Trimming Dog Nails: A Never Ending Battle

Have you ever struggled to clip your large breed dogs thick, strong nails? I have. I have tried many products on the market and still find myself in a constant battle of endless nail clipping. I have been wondering, is it just my experience, or is it my tools, or do other people have trouble too?

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Bed for a Large Dog

When people hear the word dog bed, they picture in their mind a cute little toy breed all snuggled up in a custom designer bed, but large dogs need a place to sleep too. This is the reason that there are so many different types of large and extra large beds on the market and making the right choice takes some research. Before purchasing that dog bed, you might want to take into consideration the 5 question in this article to help you find the right bed for you dog.

Homemade Dog Treats Vs Store Bought

Dogs love treats and chances are that your dog will be happy to eat any treats you give him, whether they are homemade or bought in a store. However, some treats can be better than others from a nutritional viewpoint.

How to Deal With a Strange Dog

At some point, you may come across a strange dog who seems particularly interested in you but whose tail is not wagging (the friendly wag, that is) and who doesn’t seem to want to play. Usually, the dog’s owner is there and hopefully has him on a leash. If such is the case, you can avoid the dog’s approach and, consequently, avoid dog aggression.

Why You Need Interactive Dog Toys

Some dogs turn to chewing furniture and destroying shoes if they get overly bored and no owner wants this to happen. So what can you do… you can turn to interactive dog toys to keep your pet entertained when you aren’t around!

7 Puppy Potty Training Tips

Puppy potty training can be one of the most difficult responsibilities that comes with having a new bundle of fur running around the house. However, it’s extremely important to make potty training a priority for the sake of your household; it can be a long process but it’s worth it in the end when your dog stops making messes.

Train Your Dog With Poochie-Bells

Training your dog to let you know when she needs to go outside can be a tough job. You have to pay close attention to your pet and if she starts sniffing around for a place to go, you have to drop what you’re doing and take her out immediately or it may be too late.

Keep Your Dog Cool With a Dog House Air Conditioner

This article is about the air conditioned dog house. It explains how easy it is to set it up and the versatility of the unit.

Moving to a New Home? Here Are Some Tips to Help Your Dog With the Transition

Moving can be very stressful for our pets. However, with a little pre-planning and consideration of your furry family member’s needs, you can help him and yourself make the transition a cinch.

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