Why I Trained My Dog with Robert Cabral

An Electronic Dog Repeller Can Be A Man’s Best Friend

Dog attacks are a very real problem and certainly a problem that I think for the most part is vastly underestimated. Fortunately there are very easy ways of avoiding a dog attack, an electronic dog repeller being one of those.

How to Stop Your Dog Digging Holes in Your Yard

A dog that loves to dig in the yard can be incredibly frustrating. In addition to being annoying, digging can create an unsightly mess in your yard, endanger the health of your yard plantings, and potentially cause some health problems for your dog. And the digging habit is a hard one to break.

Stop Your Dog From Barking – Really

If you have the problem with your dog constantly barking all you need to do is to know some of the secrets that are out in the animal world about dog training. These secrets will help you make your sweet little pooch learn how to control his barking.

How To Stop Beagle Barking Problems

Everyone knows that the beagle is a breed of dog that is cute and hard working. It has a sweet temperament most of the time, making it a great dog for families. So if you are considering getting a new pet, you might consider a beagle puppy. However it is critical to do some dog training to prevent things like barking, biting, and poor manners.

The First Rule in Successful Dog Training Is to Be Smarter Than the Dog

“The first rule in successful dog training is to be smarter than the dog. Which is why some breeds are easier to train than others” Author Unknown. Well okay, obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek there but I could not help it. Dogs are very intelligent animals, some breeds are smarter than, others and then again, some perform tasks better than others.

Crate Training Your Dog

Advice on crate training your dog with a focus on beagles. Looks at best practices for crate training and gives advice on how to overcome common obstacles. Crate training often leads to a quickly house trained dog and happy owners.

5 Treats That Could Make Your Pets Sick

We love our pets and want to spoil them. Peanut butter, tuna water, hot dogs? Sounds safe enough….but be careful as these treats can cause more harm than good. Find out about healthy treats you can give your pet as it is better to be safe than sorry!

6 Symptoms Your Dog Has a Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection that occurs when harmful bacteria penetrate the urinary tract. In dogs, this infection can manifest in several ways. Here are 6 symptoms that may mean your dog has a urinary tract infection:

Homemade Dog Food Recipe for Vegetarian Pet: Baked Veggie Roll

Fruit and vegetables would definitely be a high source of vitamin supplements, antioxidants, and dietary fiber and if you’re a human you probably are aware the benefits of obtaining your nine servings of fruits and vegetables regularly. But then why not your puppy companion? What exactly are the very best vegetables for dogs?

Housebreaking a Border Collie

Housebreaking your collie is vital for any new border collie owner. This article will go through some of the techniques to housebreaking your puppy.

Are Your Friends and Family Afraid of Your Dog?

Your friends and family may be afraid of your dog. Try to find the reason why and help both your friends and family and your dog learn to live in the presence of the other.

Border Collie General Training Advice

The border collie is also known as the working dog; a loyal and a hard-working dog that a person can truly rely on. If you are able to train your dog properly, it will surely make your line of work a lot easier since they are able to perform a lot of tricks easily.

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