WILD! Training My Puppy in the City WAS Crazy!

Pet Sitters Wanted

You seldom see Pet Sitters advertisements not because such opportunities are rare, but because they are special. Many householders would like to leave their pets at home to take that vacation they have always wanted, but they don’t want to leave their precious bundle alone or with “just anyone”. Pet Sitting, a must job for the 21st century, is often paired with another important profession; House Sitting. I will uncover the need to hire a Pet Sitter and the importance of this career in this modern era.

Finding a Reputable Bulldog Breeder Keeps the Canine Out of Shelters

Far too many animals are left or surrendered to no-kill and kill shelters every day. Some people must surrender their animals because of a senior parent can no longer care for them because of abuse or because the family cannot afford to provide them with continuous care.

Bulldog Sales Are Increasing, But People Need to Know the Breed’s Characteristics Before They Buy

Bulldogs are becoming a more and more popular choice with society. With some celebrities putting their Bulldogs on display, it is no wonder that more and more people are clamoring to get their hands on a cute little Bulldog puppy.

English Bulldogs – What You Need to Know About These Wonderful Dogs

English Bulldogs are a famous and popular breed of dog that are descended from the historical and ancient breed of Asian Mastiff. The breed as we know it today was developed in England by breeders who bred Mastiffs and Pugs to create this charming breed that is full of character and makes a genuinely loyal pet.

About Doberman And How To Train Him

Doberman pinscher or Doberman as he is popularly known is a large dog. He stands 61-72 cm tall and weighs 27-45 kg. Naturally, the dog has a long tail; however, it’s common to find other dogs with short tails as a result of docking. Docking is a procedure where the tail is surgically removed shortly after birth.

Find Pet Friendly Accommodations Perfect for People and Their Pooches

Get ready for your next family vacation, and don’t forget your dog! There are many places that accommodate pet friendly travelers. Get started on your planning today!

The Importance of Obedience Training Your Puppy

This article is about Puppies and the importance of obedience. Training should be done as early as possible and I explain why here.

How to Find and Choose Your Own English Bulldog Puppy

Would you like to own an English Bulldog? If you are looking for a dog to be a new member of your family, this is a breed you should consider. These charming dogs make loving and loyal pets and have a great character and personality. When cared for and trained correctly, they make the most fantastic family pets.

Do Dogs Have A Soul?

A few weeks ago, my mom made the difficult decision to put her dog down. Bree, a twelve-year-old Dandie Dinmont Terrier, was ill with both Cushing’s Disease and Diabetes. Bree had been a beautiful and loving companion to my parents and recently, she had provided a great deal of comfort to my mom as she was dealing with the illness and loss of her husband and her sister.

Going on a Ride With Your Dog: Precautions to Take

Every pet lover knows that being away from their pet could be stressing. Even the pet itself loves the company of its owner and so they also get stressed while you are away. Leaving them behind even with a person that you trust is not enough assurance that all is well. The good news is that you do not have to leave it behind on your vacation. Besides enjoying the dog’s company, you will even have more fun and peace of mind.

Positive Aspects of Keeping Teacup Puppies

A family becomes complete when there are kids, parents and a lovable puppy. This is why many families across the globe look for an adorable puppy. They get teacup puppies and toy schnauzer puppies as their favorite options. The reasons may be their miniature sizes and adorable looks.

Raw Hide Bones Versus Pork Hide Bones, Which Is Better?

You’ve heard horror stories about dogs choking on Rawhide Bones. You’ve been told that Porkhide Bones are fattening. What are you to believe? Here are some of the facts about Rawhide versus Porkhide Bones.

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