Will A GPS Dog Collar Actually Work When I NEED It? 🔍 🌎

Dog Training Tips – How to Choose a Veterinarian For Your Dog

Every dog owner will need to find a good veterinarian to check out their pet on a yearly basis. It’s also a good idea to go to the vet before you begin training your dog. There may be health issues that you’ll need to know about such as problems with the joints, bones, heart, or lungs.

Why Breed Standards Matter

I got into a semi-heated conversation about infamous Puppy (Mill) Alley. For those of you unfamiliar AQHA Congress is the largest horse show in the United States it goes on for two weeks and has every class imaginable and lots and lots of shopping.

Dog Food Supplements – What They Are and Why Dogs Need Them

A good diet and proper nutrition are vital for a healthy dog. Just like humans, dogs require vitamins and minerals for proper growth and overall health. A dog food supplement can offer the missing ingredients your dog may be lacking from their dog food.

Ingredients in Dog Food: Additives to Avoid – Part 2

This is a two-part series which examines some of the controversial ingredients in dog food. Specifically, Part 1 looks at BHA and BHT and Part 2 examines ethoxquin, propyl gallate and propylene glycol. Dog foods with these ingredients are typically given a lower rating and should be avoided.

Are You Digging It?

Part of having a dog is finding a way to keep them from digging up your yard. Here are some easily to implement solutions that make a big impact.

This Thanksgiving, Let’s Give Thanks For Dogs

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, it’s always that time of year when we reflect on our many blessings in life. Sure, many of us are feeling the squeeze of the current economic climate. But in spite of that, we have food, clothing, shelter, loved ones – and, that source of relentless sunshine – our dog.

Are You In Control Of Your Dog’s Eating Habits?

What you feed your dog is not necessarily determined by his breed but more importantly his age, activity and health. Also, become a label reader so you know what is in the dog food you purchase.

Your Canine Is Listening – But Your Hardly Talking The Right Words

Numerous people choose to find dogs for his or her youngsters as gifts. This is a great method to teach a young child responsibility. A dog needs to be trained by an adult before they are presented to a child, to ensure that they know the way to behave and do not damage the kid accidentally. Becoming individual, but prolonged and assertiveness is the key to training your dog to behave nicely. Behavior training arrives with rewards as well as punishments, and you cannot quit, or the canine will not alter.

WAHL ARCO SE Dog Clipper Reviewed

Certain breeds of dogs need regular clipping and care. For instance, you simply cannot own a poodle without sending it to be groomed or clipping him yourself. If you want to save on the costs of grooming your canine friend then, you will want to look at the benefits of using the Wahl ARCO SE dog clipper. This clipper makes grooming your dog less of a chore as the device is light in weight as well as quiet. Therefore, the clipper operates silently and won’t startle your pet. The device, which is rechargeable and cordless, also lasts up to a full hour on one charge. It comes with detachable blades, each when in use, which operate at 5,500 strokes per minute, thereby giving you dog a custom groom and well-clipped look.

How You Can Train A Dog And Still Spoil Them As Well!

This is a true story of how one of my dogs was trained by my father. Not only were the dogs expected to work but they were expected to behave as well. This article will show you exactly how my dad did it and how your pets can be spoiled but still well behaved.

Pet Ownership 101: The New Puppy Checklist

Are you excited for that day when your new pup arrives home? Hold your horses, before getting all hyped up to be a “parent” to a new puppy, you need to make sure that you’ve got all the essentials covered.

What Is a High Dog Food Rating Really Worth?

This article highlights a fundamental weakness of all dog food rating systems. Most systems only rate the ingredients they are given on a dog food label. This means they must rely on the pet food manufacturers to provide accurate information.

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