Will THIS Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On The Couch?

The Search for a Reputable Dog Breeder

Puppies purchased from a disreputable breeder can make being a dog owner a nightmare. A poorly bred dog can cause great heartache and cost thousands of dollars in vet bills. Finding a reputable breeder can be difficult. The process is made easier if you know people who have had good experiences dealing with a specific breeder you are considering. Finding a reputable breeder takes a little time, but it’s well worth it to find the perfect furry new member of your family.

Dog Training Online Review – Learn How to Get the Best Behavior From Your Pet

As the owner of a dog, you’ll need to make sure that your pet is well behaved at all times. It is no fun to have a dog at home if it has a whole lot of behavioral issues. You need to read a really good dog training online review in order to find out how to train your dog well.

The Weimaraner Breed and Traits

The Weimaraner is a very beautiful and very unique breed, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re considering getting a “Grey Ghost”, here’s some information about typical Weimaraner behavior and traits that may be helpful in understanding these regal silver dogs.

My Dog Has Terrible Diarrhea!

So you’ve had it. Your dog is miserable and has the runs and you’re tired of cleaning it up, right?

The Importance of Good Quality Pet Nutrition

The importance of good quality pet nutrition is often overlooked by pet owners, mainly because of financial constraints and sometimes personal choice. Many pet owners simply buy the cheapest pet food on the market not realising that many of the lower end brands have little to no nutritional value.

Choosing Your New Best Friend

Dogs can indeed be our best friends, they are known for being loyal and trusting companions who remain faithful to their owners throughout their lives. This is why it is very important to be selective when you are looking to adopt a puppy. This animal will become a much loved part of your life for many years, you will want to ensure that it is healthy and that you are able to supply it with everything that it needs. Heart-wrenching stories about dogs who have gone to great lengths in order to protect or locate their owners are everywhere. A pet that is capable of loving you this much is not one that should be chosen without very careful consideration.

Your Dog Has Allergies? What’s Wrong and What You Can Do?

Tired of your dog itching and your feeling helpless? Worse yet, is it to the point where “Spike” is starting to scratch his fur off?

My Dog Hasn’t Eaten Since Having Dental Work!

Why, after having dental work done, do some dogs not bounce back? Also, how long will this last? Let’s look at a few reasons.

My Stubborn Puppy Won’t Eat!

So your puppy’s really stubborn. No matter what you do, he won’t eat.

My Dog Won’t Stop Sneezing!

Why do dogs sneeze? Is the cause allergies or something more serious?

My Dog Is Always Puking – When Is It Serious?

You’ve seen everything he’s eaten but still can’t figure it out. What’s making him sick?

My Dog Is Finicky – What Can I Do?

So your dog won’t eat? Let’s determine if it’s a serious problem or if a simple remedy is all that’s needed.

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