Your Puppy Biting Training Plan Is BROKEN…

The Right Way of Housebreaking a Puppy

Lots of people absolutely love dogs especially young puppies. Many actually provide rooms and clothes their own puppies and treat them being a part of the family members, However if you want to stay with a puppy dog at home, housebreaking a puppy certainly is the the very first thing you need to do.

A Friend for Life Who Can Really Change Your Life

For dog lovers it is almost entirely unbelievable that anyone could hate dogs. Not because of how they look – which helps – nor because they guard you or protect you. Well some do! But it’s actually because they are so amazingly affectionate, no matter whom you are or where you come from.

An Introduction to Adult Dog Food and Feeding

During the formative weeks of a puppy’s life, their mothers give them all the nutrition they need. As they grow older, they switch to solid feeding, but still require a specialized diet. They also need to be fed several times a day, with some puppies needing as much as six feedings. However, as puppies come to the end of their puppy-hood, their meals, including the number and feeding schedule, should prepare them for adult dog food.

Dog Food Poisoning: The Symptoms to Watch Out For

Looking after these hairy little beasts can feel like watching a baby at times. Untrained dogs tend to urinate and defecate whenever and wherever they please, which sometimes includes the inside of your house. But the worst case scenario comes into play when they start hitting garbage cans, dumpsters, and cabinets holding cleaning products in search of something repulsively delicious to eat, which of course takes us to dog food poisoning.

Natural Diet for Dogs: Can Your Pet Live on Vegetables Alone?

This is a question that needs somebody to conduct a thorough study on different dog breeds of all ages and sizes to obtain an accurate answer. A natural diet for dogs consisting of vegetables alone has been in debate for years. Some pet owners believe that it can work, saying that studies show that humans can survive on the veggies alone, so it goes without saying that their pets can do the same. Quick reality check: dogs aren’t human now, are they?

Training Your Golden Retriever – Golden Retriever Obedience Training Tips

Obedience training is one of the most critical things you should do with a brand new puppy, irrespective of her breed, but it’s especially important with the Golden Retriever puppy. What is this idiot jabbering on about you might be asking yourself? Golden Retrievers are such lovable and well-behaved breed of dog that they don’t need obedience training.

Natural Dog Diet: Making the Switch to Raw Food

Making the switch to a natural dog diet can be really difficult, especially if you have a picky little beast like mine. If it doesn’t like something, it’ll just poke it around and find something better to do, like take a leak on your car for example. That type of behavior should never be tolerated, nor should it being fussy when it comes to mealtime.

What Is Primal Dog Food?

Primal dog food is simply the type of diet that your pooch was accustomed to eating thousands of years ago, before they were domesticated. You know, back when your ancestor would drag his wife by her hair back into the cave they shared to spend “quality time”. Or steal their neighbor’s food forcefully by inflicting blunt force trauma and stuff like that. During these days, there was no such thing as cooking food for your pet, nor buying it from giant dog food manufacturers, which was great – but why?

Say No to Commercial Dog Food!

2 of the biggest reasons why you’re still feeding your pet commercial dog food include the following: all your friends are doing it, and you probably believe everything you see on TV. To be honest, your friends are ignorant, and television ads are and will always be full of crap. You may not know it, but the giant companies that produce these products cut back on their expenses greatly by adding cheap ingredients into the mixture to maximize their profits. And yes, the ingredients used are harmful and can eventually lead to the development of all sorts of dog diseases.

What Is the BARF Dog Food Diet and Its Benefits?

The word “barf” used in this article isn’t the term you and your buddies pass around when drunk. Rather, it’s used here as an acronym which stands for Biologically Accepted Raw Food (hence, the BARF dog food diet), which is comprised mainly of vegetables, raw meat and organs. Now that may come across to some readers as unsanitary and even disgusting, but the truth of the matter is, this was their diet before man came along.

The Top 8 Most Dangerous Food for Dogs

Ever wonder why your dog has been shedding hair, puking outside the house, or coming down with diarrhea lately? Well if you are, there’s only one person to blame for that, and that’d be you. What you feed your dog plays the biggest part in its overall health, so stop placing whatever leftovers you have in the plates of your pets. As responsible pet owners, it’s vital that you get acquainted with what ingredients can cause ailments to develop, and eventually cause death through excess amounts.

The Dangers of Feeding Raw Dog Food to Your Pet

Before you go and tell everyone that feeding raw dog food to your pooch is dangerous (as suggested by the title), hear me out first: everything we do on a day-to-day basis involves some level of risk. Take flying for example, which is statistically the safest way to travel. Sure, it’s a lot safer than driving, but there’s always that risk of your plane blowing a turbine or getting blown-up by hijackers.

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